The plant of the company is located at the glass frit industries belt of Anand, thereby having easy access of supply of raw material at reasonable price. We are established with very large manufacturing space, using Natural Gas as our primary Clean-fuel for manufacturing high quality products and ample of storage space is available for raw materials over the storage silos as well as finished products. Easy availability of power and water is available in the area.

Our manufacturing facility includes well designed German technology Tilting type Continuous Furnaces which works on higher temperatures fired by Clean Fuel Natural Gas which ensures best quality without contamination and also helps in pollution free environment. Furnaces are well automated and temperatures are electronically controlled.

We have other auxiliary facilities like Port Mill for captive grinding purpose, Roller kiln for calcination process, etc.

Quality control is maintained all over the production process at different stages right from the procurement of raw materials till the finished product.

Manufacturing process

  • Batching
    Raw materials are given weight saperately regard to the particular composition.
  • Mixing process
    In this process various raw material according to proportion of mineralare mixed into mixture machine.
  • Firing process
    After mixing this compound allows to pass through a contineous furnace for metling at 1450 C or above temprature and after metling are collected in water bucket to make the final granutes products.

Lab facility

We are working with objective to offer customise solutions to our clients as per their need with superior quality of product. Hence we have recently improved our manufacturing facilities with latest technologies and equipments by investing significant amount. Not only that but we have upgraded our research and development (R & D) facilities to next level where our highly experience technical team continuously working for product innovation and quality improvement.


Roller kiln for daily production checking


Dilatometer for checking thermal expansion.


Muffel furnace for checking quality of raw material


Batch making machine


Port Mill