Sunshine Glass Company Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturers of Ceramic Frit and Glazes


Quality Testing Lab and R & D Centre

Lab Facility

Roller Kiln

Muffel Furnace


Port Mill


Frit for Glossy
Finished Tiles

Frit for Matte
Finished Tiles

Frit for Opaque
Finished Tiles

Sunshine Glass Company Private Limited was incorporated on 25th March 2014. Sunshine Glass is one of the pioneers and leaders of manufacturing of all types of ceramic glass frits and glazes with state of the art manufacturing and R. & D. facilities. Our expertise spans over decades into the field of ceramic tiles manufacturing and that helps us to understand what actually matters when it comes to quality of frit and glaze for making world class glazed and vitrified tiles.
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S.R. No. – 823/P1 & 823/P2 ,
Tarapur – Rija Road ,
Tal. Tarapur, Dist. Anand ,
Kanavada – 388 180 ,
Gujarat – INDIA
Phone: +91-00-1200 5245